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Utopian Urbanism is a survey of land policy, economics, the environment, and people. Utopian Urbanism houses the podcast “You Have Nothing to Lose, but Your High Rent!” which is focused on housing affordability, transportation equity, and social justice. Utopian Urbanism is an editorial project rooted in the SPJ Code of Ethics. The sole writer and editor is L.L. Sontag.

L.L. Sontag is an essayist, freelance journalist, regional urbanist, and science fiction writer with a neo-futurist utopian purview. When not writing she is an avid cyclist, a mediocre co-vegan chef with her partner as part of the bilateral syndicate —marriage. She is also an E-RYT 200 and YACEP yoga & guided meditation facilitator, and the caretaker of two amazing pawpaw trees. Her hobbies include riding Amtrak as much as possible and visiting National Parks. As an undergrad, she studied philosophy and poetry, as a graduate student, she explored the areas of urban planning, human development, and economics. She is an Ethics and Equity Fellow with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the incoming inaugural Sadie Alexander Economics Fellow at the New School for Social Research.

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L.L. Sontag

L.L. Sontag is a neo-futurist and utopianist essayist and journalist who writes on the topics of the global commons, Geoism, land policy, technology, the environment, and economics.