Sitemap - 2022 - Space is a Means of Production: Living Metropolis

Guest: Paul Born, large-scale community change facilitator & author

The Lo Down on Land

Guest: Juliet Schor, Economist & Climate Activist

Guest: Samuel Bowles, economist, author, & founder of CORE,Economics for a Changing World

Guest: Environmentalist, Frank de Jong

Guest: Josie Faass, executive director of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and co-director of the Center for Property Tax Reform

Guest: Patrick Condon author of “Sick City: Disease, Race, Inequality and Urban Land"

This time instead of lower gas prices we should ask for investments in mass transit and reasonably priced housing in our center cities

Guest: Brian Larkin, the director of the National Land Bank Network at the Center for Community Progress

Suburban volunteerism, a tool for single family home style exclusion

Guest: Claudia Barragan, founder of Communities in Practice,Llc

Guest: Rick Rybeck, founder of Just Economics LLC

Guest: Jonathan Rothwell author of “A Republic of Equals: A Manifesto for a Just Society”

Guest: Alanna Hartzok, International Union for Land Value Taxation

Revisiting the "Color of Law"

Guest: Summit Avenue Cooperative

Guest: Peter Barnes author of "Ours: The Case for Universal Property"

Zoning laws haven’t made housing more affordable

Guest: David Bollier author of "The Commoner's Catalog for Changemaking"

All aboard, Amtrak

Reclaim your time and reclaim the definition of space

Guest: Donald Shoup author of the "High Cost of Free Parking"

The Greyhound bus service needs to be rehomed

The argument for utopianism

The purview that the land is capital is as reprehensible as the idea during chattel slavery that people are property

Guest: Rich Nymoen, President of Common Ground USA

Housing segregation swindled white people dearly

We all need time to live, that is why we need the UBI

Guest: Mike Curtis of Arden, Delaware

Walking away from the governance table will not work in making the United States more just

Is ownership freedom?